Saturday, September 20, 2003

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Halaqah Seerah dari Imam Djafer CII4041 Wednesday 6pm-7pm

Keadaan Arab Sebelum Kedatangan Islam

Origin keadaan negara Arab sebelum kedatangan Islam, terdapat dua empayar yang paling berleluasa (ker berkuasa?) yakni Empayar Parsi dan Empayar Rom. Kedua-dua empayar ni berlumba untuk mendominasikan dunia. Terdapat pada suatu ketika, Jurusalem menjadi rebutan kuasa2 ini. So, Saudi Arabia was peaceful and there were no interest on Arabia. Negara Arab ni hanyalah menjadi tempat persinggahan/laluan utama para pedagang yg membawa caravan mereka.

[ bermula sessi mengalih bahasa ]
Qur'an being the evidence of the whole creation's miracles and origins, had mentioned about the Roman in one of its verses thus prove that Qur'an itself is being the most important reference towards Islamic History. The verse is as follow:

The Roman Empire has been defeated, In a land close by: but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious, Within a few years. With Allah is the Decision. In the Past and in the Future: on that Day shall the Believers rejoice,
| Ar-Rum : 2-4 |

having to know the above ayat, Abu Bakr r.a. challenge the kufr that the roman will win and indeed SadaqAllahul 3azim... Roman empire won after 9 years (the word 'ba3dh' in the above ayah in istilah means 3-9 years!!).

This is why Qur'an itself is the primary source for seerah. As we knew, that there are many Jahilliyah in the Arab world, during that time. Jahilliyah (ignorance) attribute the fact that they don't have a religion but they knew about other faiths. At the same time, the Arabs can't relate these religions to their own living style (Allahu'alam kenapa?)

After a while, the Arabs resort to worshipping idols. Actually, idolatory (betulker eja ni) was introduce by some people of Arabia who used to travel a lot, being influenced by the places they visited and brought back the same influence on the Arabians (good point to reflect on us, i/A). Since there are many tribes in Arab, these tribes have their own idols to be worshipped - teringat cerita The Message. They used to believe that Allah is Rabb (Tauhid Rububiyyah) however miss the equivalently important part of Tauhid Uluhiyyah. They enjoy freedom in living with their triads. They invade and kill one another.

Ja'far Ibni Talib met the An-Najashi and describe to them the states of the Arabians. People look down to Arabs, especially the Roman, since they are rarely illeterate (edit if i'm wrong). The Romans at one point, modified their relifgion and had caused many to run away/migrate to other places. The whole world was without the light of true faith at that time... (cun kan bahasa Imam Djafer?)

In Yamen, Abyssinia was not satisfied with people performing Hajj in mecca annually.. and decided to build a similar ka'abah (or as such) to replace ka'abah -> but it didn't work.

silalah sambung tentang asal-usul keturunan Rasulullah... ehehe


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