Thursday, October 30, 2003

Bid’ah, as defined by Al-Shatibi is i)a path or a way in the deen, ii)that has been invented iii)to compete with the syar’ie way and iv)the objective behind this is to emphasize the ibaadah.

Thus, to consider an action is either bid'ah or not, we must study and analyze the action carefully and make sure that it fulfills all the 4 components. Besides, we have to understand that bid'ah as defined by Al-Shatibi is 'and statement' which is all the four components must be fulfilled if we want to say the action is bid'ah. if one of the component is not met, so the action is not bid'ah and maybe it is sunnah, makhruh, haram, etc.

When we ponder the meaning of bid’ah, we can see that the intention of the people who invent something in the deen (bid'ah) is good but the way they do the ibaadah is not in accordance with Allah swt commands. Because, when I refer back to the definition of ibaadah, there are two main components in it, which are intention and the way of doing that must be in accordance with Quran and sunnah. Although we have a good intention but the way we doing it is different with the teaching of Rasulullah saw, so it’s not considered as ibaadah and maybe it’s bid’ah. Of course, we don’t have a right to worship Allah the way we want since Allah is the Law Giver. We have to follow everything that is commanded by Allah swt..... Allahu'alam ( to be continued)


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