Sunday, November 02, 2003

surah al-mu'minoon [6th ramadhan 1424]

ayah 1-11 [inshaAllah]

1) successful indeed are the believers. -- qad: kenyataan yg pasti --> indeed. (org yg pergi kelas 'arab lebih tahu inshaAllah..mungkin boleh tlg explain dgn lagi baik..)
>> what are the characteristics of a believer?

2) a. those whose have khusyu' in their salah (solat).
--khusyu' : emptying the heart from everything except Allah
--`Ali bin Abi Talhah reported that Ibn `Abbas said: khasyi'un = with fear + with tranquility (dr tafsir ibn kathir)
--one important point : Allah begins the description of a believer with salah, which automatically proves kepentingan salah in our life.

3) b. those who abstain from laghwun/al-laghw/lagha.
-- al-laghw : perkara yg sia2 including our acts, environment, accompanies etc.

4) c. those who purify their qalb.
--az-zakaah : in this ayah means purify because the next word is 'faa'iluun' ie perlakuan. selalunya kalau zakaah with regards to our wealth, guna perkataan 'aatu' cth 'wa aatu az-zakaah'.

5) d. those who guard their private parts except from their wives and their right hand possessions.

6) e. those who are true to their amanats and covenants.
-- those who holds on to their amanats + covenants to the best of their ability ie dlm apa2 keadaan sekalipun.
-- the amanats/covenants tidak termasuk perkara2 yg mencederakan org lain,agama. [mungkin ada org boleh betulkan]

7) f. and those who strictly guard their salawat (plurat for salah).
-- please note that in this ayah, the word 'yuhafidhuun' is a verb. dr seminar sheikh mukhtar last 2 weeks, we know that the rule for a verb is renewal//act of renewing. maka, a mu'min guards their salawat by renewing and purifying it from time to time 'til they reach their goals ie a purified salawat + qalb.
-- indeed, the most beloved act by ALlah is salah on time. (hadith)
-- and, the description of the characteristics of a believer ends with salah too.
-- spt dlm surah al-maarij, when Allah describes criterias of a mu'min, He begins it with salah, and closes it with salah. [now we see how important salah is in our life eh? Allahu akbar]

8) and these are indeed the heirs. -- heirs of what?

9) who will inherit paradise (jannatul firdaus), they will dwell therein. -- jannatul firdaus.

imam mukhtar also talked on 2 ayahs towards the end of the surah. the translation of those ayahs are:
--'do you think that We had created you in vain?'
--'and that you would not be brought back to us?'
--[tak ingat sgt elaboration utk part ni, ada org yg sudi nak tambah?]

**segala catitan di atas adalah berdasarkan apa yg ada dlm kepala gjie psl tak bawak buku nota. mungkin ada yg tak/kurang betul dekat mana2. at the end of the khatirah, imam mukhtar ckp on surah an-nuur, and unfortunately, gjie pun tak ingat sgt elaboration utk part tu. oleh itu, kepada sesiapa yg salin nota and rasa mcm nak share..please feel free utk tambah. semoga ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dr yg lepas inshaAllah.**



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