Thursday, February 19, 2004

An Open Letter to Our Beloved Prophet Mohammad S.A.W

The Abolishment of Oppression

O Rasoolullah,
Our main goal is to strive against our ego,
to revive ourselves with the guidance your brought,
to live likea Muslim and to stay as a Muslim.
The World is playing tricks on us
coming up in different costumes,
telling us how to live our lives
and what to do and how to dress.
They do not give us the right to live like a Muslim
and like a dignified human being.
You have abolished oppression with the
religion you brought
and saved the victims fragile necks from
the bloody hands of oppressors.
The way you saved humanity
fourteen thousand years ago
from oppression and injustice.

The victims, all their rights
were to be oppressed, revived.
The oppressors, never thought of failure, died.
Through the religion you brought,
the oppression has collapsed.
You were the answer for the hopeless.
You have brought the value that the human being deserves.
Now the oppression awakened and wit
the strength it gained,
it is pressing down on our throats.
Every time we are faced with oppression
we find the condolence in you.
We think of the oppression you had gone through,
and can not help but think as if you
came to this world to endure hardship.
Remembering that you were an orphan
and all the other hardships you were tested with
is like an ointment on our own injuries.
We think of the times that you were seeking guidance
in the mountain of Nur,
tired of the disorder in the World.
We know that the bats who were scared of the light
that you brought from the mountains
were disturbing you.
Yet, you were steadfast and patient despite all this hardship.
Just as we are about to sink in the swamp of irrational oppression,
we reach out to the Rope of Allah that you brought for us.
Once again we realize why Allah had made you our guide and example.
With the pleasure of realizing that you
are a mercy to the World we shed tears.

From Humiliation to Exaltation

O Rasulallah,
O Habibullah,
We learned how to be a dignified human being from you.
With the religion you brought, Allah Exalted us
from humiliation to sovereignty,
from a hole to the citadel.
When we embraced Islam Allah Made us the best of nations.
We became the superpower that others bent down on their
knees and opened their hands seeking help.
In those magnificent times that we ruled,
we followed your example in forbidding evil and oppression
and giving the rights of the victims.
Unfortunately, as we shifted away from
the beauty of Islam
we dried up, we got oppressed,
we bent down on our knees and open our hands begging.
Since then no one takes us seriously
nor treat us with a worthy treatment.
We want to wake up and revive
and come back to our senses
and raise from humiliation to sovereignty
and live as Muslims.

O beloved of the World!
We want our children to live like Muslims,
to follow your footsteps,
and to be saved from the Hellfire,
whose fuel will be people and stones.
We want those who try to prevent us from our way
to have mercy on us, and to recognise us and to know that
we want nothing but the pleasure of Allah.
We ask Allah to Give them guidance
and to grant us patience
and success in our struggle.

O Rasulallah,
We truly want to be better servants of Allah
and better believers again.
We want to become a nation you deserve and be proud of.
We want to be those successful believers who humble themselves in their prayers;
who avoid vain talk;
who are active in giving Zakat;
who guard their modesty;
who faithfully observe their trust and their covenants;
and who guard their prayers (23:1-11).
These days, one of the sayings that give us hope and keep us going
is that you gave the glad tidings to those servants of Allah
who are oppressed and are patient in enduring
it will be exalted by Allah.
We have been oppressed and humiliated and look down on.
However, we believed the sovereignty belongs to Allah and
His Prophet and the believers (63:8).
We pray to Allah to be among those
who are patient and thus will
receive sovereignty and honor that they deserve.
We also pray to be among those who will be
subjected to your intercession
on the day of judgement.

( p/s: Actually this is the continuation of the previous post...i divided it into 2 series..
cause if not, it would be too long for u guys to read the whole poem at once..i guess :D )


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