Wednesday, February 18, 2004

An Open Letter to Our Beloved Prophet Mohammad S.A.W


You are the light of our eyes.
Without you we are like orphans,
somehow scared and heartbroken.
Now we seek condolence in roses;
we see you in their beauty
and feel your smell in
their sweet scent.

We are so honoured to
be a part of your nation.
We love you dearly.
We admire and envy those
who love you even more.
You know how one waits and
longs for meeting with the beloved.
That's how we are longing for our meeting with
you in Paradise.
We get encouraged and hopeful
with your saying "you are with
those whom you love" and
eagerly wait for our meeting
by the River of Kawthar.

Our Lord the Exalted who created you
and made you His Beloved
and asked the believers to love you
and follow your example
has taught us the prayers of invoking Allah's blessings on you
to help ease our pain of missing you until
the day we meet in Paradise.

"Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet.
O you who believe! Send your blessings on him, and salute
him with all respect" (33:56).

Every time we ask Allah to send His Peace and Blessings on you
we also feel the blessings of Allah on us.
We almost visualize the pigeons of prayers that we set free in
the destination of Madinah
reaching to your blessed garden of rest and
you holding and pitting them gently.

The World Has Defeated Us
The world is a place of travel
and we are the passers by.
In this foreign land we often
trip over and fall into traps.
Our Lord, the Exalted,
Who sent us to this world has made you our guide.
He told us to follow your example.
We constantly remember your guidance
not to make a wrong step;
striving to be like you
we contemplate on every issue
and think how you would have acted if you were
among us now;
how you would have remembered and worshipped Allah
or deal with people or eat and sleep.
We consider you as more important than our own lives
and love those who love and follow you.

O the best of all the Prophets
O the master of all messengers
Even though we consider it the
highest honour to sacrifice our
lives in the cause of Islam,
we have a difficulty in breaking
the idol of our own ego.
You reminded us that the World with
its sweetness and attractions may deceive us.

You warned us of the danger of
attaching our hearts to the World.
You told us that the world and all
that is in it is of no real value.
You warned us against collecting worldly properties.
You told us that we will be tested with material gains
and that the real life we should strive for is the Hereafter.
You advised us to be like a traveller passing by.
You did exactly what you told us to do.
There were time you did not find a few pieces of date to eat.
From the time you honoured Madinah
until the day you passed away
you did not find to eat wheat bread
consecutively for three days.

O Rasoolullah,
O Habibullah,
the world has defeated us.
The world has become a giant
and we became like the dwarfs.


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