Thursday, March 11, 2004

"What will I say to Him? ! "

A man known as Abu Abdallah said: I don't know how to explain an experience I lived through a while ago, that changed my whole life routine. The truth is that I would never have decided to reveal it, if it weren't for the fact that I felt a responsibility towards Allah (The Glorious), as a warning for the young men who disobey Allah, and as a warning for the young women who follow a fake dream or fantasy called "love". We were three friends, nothing grouped us together but disobedience and misguidance. No, actually we were four, the Shaytan was the fourth.

We used to go hunting down beautiful girls, and lure them with our sweet talk to far away farms. There, they would be surprised that we have turned into foxes with no sympathy, no feelings whatsoever, no matter what they said or did to make us reconsider. We were cold hearted, and had no feelings or any sense of shame. That is how we spent our days and nights; in the farms,camps, cars, and on the shore.Until the day that I will never forget came.

We went as usual to the farm, everything was ready. Each one of us had his prey, the damned drink (i.e., alcohol), but we forgot one thing, and it was the food. So after a while, one of my friends went to buy food for supper with his car. It was almost 6 p.m. When he left.

Hours passed without him returning, so at 10 p.m. I became worried that something happened to him. So I went with my car looking for him. And on the way, I saw some flames of fires spreading on the sides of the road. When I reached, I was shocked to see that it was my friends car, with the fire eating it up while it was flipped on one of it's sides. I ran like crazy, trying to free my friend from his burning car. I was alarmed to see that half his body was black like charcoal, but he was still alive. So I carried him and placed him on the floor, and after a minute he opened his eyes and said: "The fire! The fire!" So I decided to take him to my car and rush with him to the hospital.
But he sobbed: "There's no use, I won't reach."
Tears overcame me as I was watching my friend to die in front of me... Then he stunned me by yelling: "What will I say to Him?! What will I say to Him?!"
"Dumbfounded, I looked at him and asked: "Who?" He replied with a distant voice: "Allah".
I felt fear creep all over my body and I began to shake.Then suddenly he let out an echoing scream, and he took in his last breath. The days passed, but the image of my friend being eaten up by the fire,and him yelling "What will I say to Him?! What will I say to Him?!" never left my mind. I found myself asking "And what will I say to Him?!"
[And all those who disobey Allah, should ask themselves: "What will I say to Him?" ]

My eyes overflowed with tears and I felt an odd compassionate feeling I never felt before. At that same moment, I heard the Muazzin (the person who calls the Athan -Call to Prayer- ) call for Salat Al-Fajr (Morning Prayer)"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Hayya 'Ala Al-Salah" (Allah is Great, Allah is Great,Come to Salah).

I felt that it was a call directed to me personally, telling me to close the curtains on the dark years of my life, and calling me to the straight path of guidance and obedience. I washed up, made Wudu, and cleansed my self from the sin I drowned in, and I prayed. Since that day, I have turned to Allah, begging for forgiveness and repentance. I haven't missed one fardh. I became a new person. I try to be a an obedient slave to My Creator. My life has changed......
Author: Uknown
"On the day when the earth will be changed to other than this earth, and the heavens - and they will all come forth standing before Allah, the One, the Dominant above all." [Qur'an Surah Ibrahim 14:48]



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