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ahlan wa sahlan! top of the morning to ya...

just wanted to share a khatirah by our imam, shaykh monir elfarra, after `isha on thursday with regard to virtues of yaumul jumu`ah. i apologize for the late posting, because it should have been posted early yesterday since we surpassed friday already. there are many virtues with regard to jumu`ah as there are sections dedicated for it in sahih bukhari, sahih muslim, and fiqh us-sunnah. for the khatirah, shaykh monir expounded on two things:

1. there is an hour on friday, where du`as will be accepted by Allah swt. one tradition states that this hour refers to the last hour of the day, meaning the period before maghrib. in islam, the day starts after sunset; i.e. friday actually begins after maghrib/sunset on thursday and ends at maghrib/sunset on friday (the night starts first). thus, this last hour refers to after `asr. the other tradition states that this hour refers to the period between the time when the imam sits and after salah is completed.

2. to recite surah al-kahf for it was known that rasulullah saw used to recite surah al-kahf on fridays. also, whomever recites surah al-kahf, he will be protected from al-dajjal, when there will be great fitan.


on my part, i opened up several kitabs just for my own learning experience. i referred to sahih bukhari, sahih muslim, riyadus-saaliheen, and fiqh us-sunnah for the abovementioned virtues. my finding...

1. there are hadiths mentioned in sahih bukhari, sahih muslim, and fiqh us-sunnah with regard to the hour on friday. majority of them alludes to the last hour of friday, referring to after `asr. please refer to:

sahih bukhari
(from the book of al-jumu`ah, volume 2, book 13, number 57)

sahih muslim
(please scroll down to 'Chapter 151: THERE IS A SPECIAL (FORTUNATE) TIME ON FRIDAY')

fiqh us-sunnah
(please scroll down to 'Volume 2, Page 125b: Supplications during Friday')

on the other hand, there is a hadith recorded by muslim and abu dawud with regard to the 2nd tradition:

Book 004, Number 1855:
Abu Burda b. Abu Musa al-Ash'ari reported: 'Abdullah b. Umar said to me: Did you hear anything from your father narrating something from the messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) about the time on Friday? I said: Yes, I heard him say from the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) (these words):" It is between the time when the Imam sits down and the end of the prayer."

however, this hadith is classified as 'mudtarib' in fiqh us-sunnah. please refer to the very last paragraph in that portion mentioned for fiqh us-sunnah (see above). 'mudtarib' means that it is related through so many different and contradictory texts that there is no way to determine the correct chain and text of the hadith. due to this proponderance of doubt, it is considered a weak hadith

2. on surah al-kahf, there were virtues mentioned with regard to reciting the surah, but no specificity on juma`ah recorded by imam bukhari and imam muslim. i managed to only find mentioning of surah al-kahf in sahih muslim in relation to protection from al-dajjal:
(book 004, number 1766 of 'Chapter 135: EXCELLENCE OF SURAH AL-KAHF AND AYAT AL-KURSI')

in fiqh us-sunnah, there is a segment on the recitation of surah al-kahf, with two hadiths on the recitation of surah al-kahf on jumu`ah.
(please scroll down to 'Volume 2, Page 127: Recitation of Surah al-Kahf')


i hope this will benefit us all, inshaAllah, that we will take the opportunity to learn and implement the different things that we learn. may Allah swt make it easy for us. going back to surah al-kahf, it reminded me on the story of `abdullah ibn mas`ud ra. on his deathbed, saiyyidina `uthman ibn `affan ra (the khalifah of that time) offered stipend for him and his daughters. in reply, `abdullah ibn mas`ud ra said:

do you fear poverty for my children? i have commanded them to to read surah al-waaqi`ah every night for i have heard the rasulullah saw saying, "whoever reads al-waaqi`ah every night shall not be afflicted by poverty ever."

(continuation: that night, `abdullah ibn mas`ud ra passed away to the company of his Lord, his tongue moist with the remembrance of God and with the recitation of the verses of His Book)
[from 'companions of the prophet 2', abdulwahid hamid]

on that note, i will leave you all back to work... i apologize for the length. may Allah make us among the muhsiniin, and may Allah protect us from all the fitnah...

*dont forget ustadh muhammad al-shareef's lecture today on the story of sa`ad ibn abi waqqas ra @3.30 (est)

- people are quick to condemn that which they don't understand -


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