Wednesday, December 08, 2004

ahlan wa sahlan...
sambil2 sibuk menelaah untuk finalz, blehlaa jenguk2 at these news piece...

children in the crossfire - just to awaken your soul a bit, to the reality of life out there in the real world, out of our comfort zone... (a nicely done piece by a nonmuslim journalist.. kudos!)
and i quote...

Samah Owda, 11, was at home playing with her sister Oct. 7 when a bullet ripped into the left side of her skull and emerged from the right, an inch above the eye. She was in a coma for 20 days and was still hospitalized in late November.
"The Israelis accuse us of being terrorists, and they are the terrorists," said her mother, Nawal, keeping vigil at her bedside. "What mistake did she do - she was in the house. What am I supposed to think about Israel when I see my daughter like this?"
Another grieving mother says her 14-year-old son, Salmen Abu Faoel, had gone to check on his sister at school when an Israeli tank shell hit him.
"The doctor told me he was in pieces," Kalia Faoel says. "I can't go to the grave because I can't imagine my son in pieces."


feed 1000 people project courtesy of cair-florida... check out the video too walk the walk & talk the talk... the prophecies not modern day fallacies - reverse the polarities


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i apologize... here's the link again...
it should work now... my bad


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