Wednesday, December 01, 2004

bismillahi walhamdulillaahi wassolaatu wassaalamu `ala rasuulillaah
subhaanal malikil qudduus, subhaanal malikil qudduus
ya dhal jalaali wal ikraam (*)

first of all, sorry for butting in since i am not a denizen of upstate jewyork. we from down south here, where the sun still shine hot n bright all day. anyhoo, in the spirit of honoring the invitation that i received to join this blogger, i will try to drop in a lil sumthin sumthin every now and then, inshaAllah... mucho gracias to rahmat & zuhdi for those wonderful postings. kpd mereka yg masih buntu tak tau ape nak taruk, haa... bukak laa tafsir ibn kathir, riyadus-soliheen, sahih bukhari/muslim, or any kitab... then selitlaa anything you find interesting or very striking. even from any of the duruus by `ammu mokhtar there, or the khutbahs. es all good, inshaAllah... so, here's my first entry inshaAllah, short n sweet.


abu darda' (ra) relates that he heard rasulullah (saw) say: whenever a muslim prays for a brother in his absence, an angel repeats, "may you have also like this and as much" (muslim)

abu darda' (ra) relates that rasulullah (saw) was saying: a muslim's prayer for his brother in his absence, is granted, an angel remains present with him whenever he prays for his brother for goodness, the attendant angel says amiin! the same thing for yourself (muslim)

[from the chapter of 'virtues of supplication for absentees', book of supplications, riyadus-soliheen]

(*) from the hadith:
anas (ra) relates that rasulullah (saw) said: recite frequently, "ya dhal jalaali wal ikraam (O Lord of Glory and Honor)" (rawaahu tarmidhi wa an-nasaa'i)
[book of supplications, riyadus-soliheen]


allahummar zuqni sabran jamiilan
(how do you make this du`a plural/jama`? umm, a lil help please)

jumpe lagi... salam muhibbah


At 5:58 PM , Blogger nur mohamad said...

maybe Allahumma rzuqnaa sabran jameelan
* tak sure samada sabran jameelan perlu di-pluralkan ke tak? apa position dia dalam ayat ni? huhu..

At 7:52 AM , Blogger asbah said...

assalamualakum wrth,

Jazakallahukhair Akhi Abli for the posting.
When I first read it, something stikes me.
" Make du'ah for your brothers (sisters) in ther absence "
Yes, sometimes you just realizes that over certain rang of times, some brothers or sisters were not anymore with us, and they used to be our good company to do good deeds. And suddenly some some reasons, they were no more with us.
And one of our roles as what akhi abli pointed out is to make du'h in their absence.

Just imagine we were in those position, where suddenly we pulled away. And imagine if a brother or a sister make du;ah for us constantly for us to return ... and Allah really heard their du'ah and bring us back... masha allah how sweet is the brotherhood in islam is that ...

my point is that, constantly make du'ah for our brothers and sister, say specifically their names in our du'ah ...
and last but not least , please make du'ah for me, as i always needed support from you, my good brothers and ssters.

At 9:48 AM , Blogger nur mohamad said...

alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

mashaAllah, what a profound reflection on the hadeeth. memang betul kata awang, imagine that we have moved away from our righteous friends - either physically or spiritually (may Allah protect us), tentunya doa kawan2 seperti intravenous fluid yang amat kita perlukan. especially when we don't even realize that we could have already 'moved away'. macam orang yang dehydrated, especially peringkat awal mungkin tak sedar yg dia kekurangan air dlm badan. (hm.. betul ke? suka hati je ckp pasal bio)

O Allah, help us to always remember our friends and make du'a for them, those whom we know and those whom we don't know, those whom we see everyday, and those whom we haven't seen for years, those who are close, and those who are far. amin.


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