Saturday, February 25, 2006

Things that make me wonder

-This was written by Zaatil Iffah who is a friend of mine kat DQ dulu..-

1. Why we make such a big deal of whether a meat/poultry is halal or not, when there are a lot of khilaf on halal/haram of sembelihan ahli kitab (although I hold on to the stand that it is halal). But at the same time, benda yang for sure haram, we don't observe, such as pendedahan aurat and peninggalan solat.

2. Why we delay performing obligatory prayers when there's no obstacle/task that hinders us from praying on time. Sometimes we think it's okay to pray late, as long as belum habis waktu. But then, didn't the Prophet s.a.w. say to perform the prayer 'alaa waqtiha (on its time), not fii waqtihaa (in its time)?

3. Why it is so easy to see someone else's weaknesses rather than our own. And it's so easy for us to condemn people and aibkan dia, sedangkan on the Day of Judgment, Allah will cover the aib of those who cover the aib of other people in this world. Can't we just forgive and forget? Ok fine, but at least forgive.

4. Why some Muslims still hulur tangan to shake hands with the opposite gender, when it's obviously haram. Kot ya pun anda jenis yang tak kisah dosa pahala, at least have respect for those yang cuba nak jaga kehormatan diri. Kalau non-Muslims, I can understand that they might be ignorant to Islamic ahkaam, but you Muslims? Apatah lagi you Malays yang dibesarkan in a society where everyone knows that it is wrong. Puh-leez...

5. Why people look at you as if you're a sinner when you jama'kan solat because of a certain reason, when the Prophet s.a.w. jama'kan solat 'bi duuni sababin' (without a reason) so that there is no 'haraj' (burden) unto his ummah, as stated in the authoritative (sahih) hadith.

6. Why we fuss over things that are clearly halal and treat it as if its haram or bad. Bukankah mengharamkan yang halal itu termasuk perkara yang membatalkan iman, just as much as menghalalkan yang haram is?

7. Why kita terkejar-kejar untuk dapatkan pahala sunat, sedangkan benda basics yang wajib tak buat. Contohnya, puasa sunat Isnin and Khamis, tapi solat wajib still lubang2. I thought amalan sunat is supposed to complement kekurangan amalan wajib, not ketidak buatan amalan wajib?

8. Why it's so hard for us to say something good about another person (especially in their presence), but it's sooo easy to say something bad about them. Yeah, if we praise someone sampai dia boleh jadi riak/ujub, kita dapat saham dosa jugak, but if we kutuk orang and hurt their feelings, bukankah berdosa jugak? And think about it---if you say to someone 'you look nice today', would it really make that person riak/ujub? No, I don't think so; but at least it would make that person appreciate you and foster a better/stronger ukhwah.

9. Why we can spend hours doing nothing or wasting our time doing something useless, but we can't find any time to read the Quran. It only takes 5 minutes to read one page! Bukankah kalau tak baca Al-Quran for a certain period of time (anyone ingat how long?), hati akan jadi gelap?

10. Why we are ashamed to stand up for what we believe in, even though it's not wrong, or even if it's the ultimate truth.

11. Why we do a lot of amalan on certain 'holy' days/times, but the rest of the year, we forget to remember Allah. For example, bulan Ramadhan khatam Al-Quran sampai 2 kali, but masa lain, nak habiskan satu muka surat pun payah. Bukankah lebih baik kalau buat amalan yang sedikit tapi istiqamah? (This does not apply to benda2 wajib yang telah ditetapkan waktu2 yang ia mesti dilaksanakan.)

12. Why masa nak exam, solat hajat and other sunat prayers beberapa kali sehari, but at other times, sekali seminggu pun susah. Do you like it when someone is exceptionally nice to you and ampu habis because they want something from you? No, right? Well, I don't think our Creator likes it either.

13. Why we wear kain semayang and make sure seurat rambut pun tak nampak bila solat, but when we are with non-mahrams, we don't jaga our aurah as much. Sedangkan aurat dengan non-mahram lebih besar/utama daripada aurah in solat. That's why Imam Shafie says it's wajib for women to wear a niqab dengan bukan mahram, but it's haram to wear it in prayer (if I'm not mistaken---correct me if I'm wrong).

14. Why we so strongly say that we follow Imam Shafie in terms of mazhab and refuse to follow anything that other Imams say about it, and sometimes even say that it's wrong. Aren't they the ulama, and they would know better? And wasn't Imam Shafie a student of Imam Malik? And if you believe that you are an observant follower of Mazhab Shafie, then why aren't you wearing a niqab? And why are you going to Argos? (If I'm not mistaken, Imam Shafie says purchase through ordering is not permissible).

15. Why it's so hard for us to use the magic words 'please' and 'thank you'. They only take up a maximum of 3 syllables in a sentence, only 2 if you say 'please' and 'thanks'.

16. Why we love to forward chain e-mails etc without ensuring the reliability of the claims. If it's not true, then aren't we giving ourselves free shares of dosa fitnah?

17. Why we say "gatalnya!" to people who get married early, but to those yang duk bercinta (yang boleh jadi haram bila asyik berkepit je and so on), we don't say anything. And in fact, sometimes we're happy for them. Buat benda yang halal lagi baik (keberkatan seorang perempuan terletak pada cepat perkahwinannnya, cepat bersalinnya dan rendah maharnya---maksud hadith) dikatakan 'gatal and gedik', buat benda yang haram direstui pulak.

18. Why we think istikharah is only to choose a husband/wife,and thus only perform it accordingly. Bukankah Rasulullah s.a.w. suruh buat istikharah before making any decisions or even before doing anything. If it was meant to choose a calon, it would probably be called istizaajah/istizaujah or wutever (asking for a husband/wife), not istikhaarah (asking for a choice).

19. Why we know everything about Siti Nurhaliza or Mawi, including their birthdates, favourite colour and where their birthmark is; but we would guess that Talhah and Shaimaa' are places somewhere in Yugoslavia.

20. Why we always have prejudices and suu' uz-zhon towards other people, and judge them before trying to know/understand them. Tapi bila baik sangka pulak, kadang2 irrational. 'Takpelah dia tak solat, ada la kot sebab2 dia.' Well, whatever the reason (unless uzur syar'ie), it doesn't exempt you from solat! And bagi yang tahu tu, do something to help them!

21. Why we only appreciate what we have when we no longer have it. Masa ada depan mata, we take it for granted, but when it's gone, we mourn over the loss. Bak kata Saujana, 'Apa yang ada jarang disyukuri, Apa yang tiada sering dirisaukan, Nikmat yang dikecap baru kan terasa, Bila hilang di dalam genggaman.' Bak kata orang Melayu, 'dah terhantuk, baru terngadah'---ye ke?

22. Why we forbid others from doing something, but we do it ourselves (whether we realise it or not!). "Kabura maqtan 'indAllahi an taquulu maa laa taf'aluun"... But sometimes we have to do that, to prevent more bad things. If I'm not mistaken, an ulama (can't remember who) once said that if a man was drinking khamar (beer, wine, whatever), he should still stop the man beside him from drinking.

23. Why we think 'cukuplah aku solat, aku puasa, aku bayar zakat, aku pergi haji.' Cukup for what? Don't we realise that when we proclaim that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad s.a.w. is His messenger, then we have the responsibility (read: WAJIB!) to spread Allah's words---syahaadatul haqq!

24. Why we sometimes wrongly use "Innama al-a'maalu binniyyaat" to serve our purpose when what we are doing is wrong. Remember, we are Muslims, not Machiavellians---niat TIDAK menghalalkan cara! For example, holding a beer-filled gig to raise money for a 'noble' cause, to donate to earthquake victims. Yeah, right. Haram tetap haram!

25. Why we are reluctant to help someone on the streets when there are a lot of other people there, compared to when we are alone. It's called bystander apathy! For God's sake, just help the poor fella!

26. Why we turn a blind eye when there is injustice (specifically when it's not towards us), and we say nonchalantly, "we don't wanna get involved'. Well, imagine if that was you, or your family, or your friend.

27. Why Malaysia keeps claiming to be an Islamic country just because it has Islamic banking (itupun beberapa bank je), Islamic schools (SMKA) and universities (IIUM etc), lotsa mosques and so on. A British ulama once said, "Well then, England must be an Islamic nation, too, because we have Islamic banking as well, Islamic schools and colleges, and even more mosques than Malaysia." Spot on, sheikh!

28. Why we look down (pandang slack) on a girl who likes a guy (even if it's because of his religion), apatah lagi if she makes any kinda move, and we call her 'perigi cari timba'. Bukankah Rasulullah s.a.w. DIPINANG oleh Saidatina Khadijah r.a.? I like the story that the ustaz in the ceramah Pengurusan Cinta mentioned. Now that's more like it.

Well, there are lots more things that never cease to make me wonder. But enough for today. I'll add on inshaAllah, if the need arises.


At 2:35 AM , Blogger moneirah said...


i'm sharing the 'wonders'. cukup menginsafkan. Whoever it is, thank you so much. May Allah bless us..


At 11:08 PM , Blogger Mademoiselle Sakura said...

waalaikumussalam...u're welcome...glad my lil piece of writing is having an impact on ppl,n inshaAllah will help bring us all closer to Allah...amin...


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