Thursday, October 30, 2003

Khateerah 2 Ramadhan 1424

From surah al Kahf and Maryam

The outcome of taqwa
- the story of the young people, importance of young people dalam perjuangan
- the fruits of righteousness, have a tremendous impact in the long run. Allah will surely protect for the parents, their children because of the righteousness of the parents :: the two stories when Nabi Musa (as) went to see N. Khidr (as) and two of the stories were about parent and child relationship.
[of comforts and illusions]

The story of Maryam (as)
- this also started with her parents, her mother dedicated her to the service of Allah
- Maryam (as) protected her inner purity, her tauhid, her heart for none other than Him, and Allah protected her whole self to be *always* pure -- one of the best women... never touched by any man. SubhanAllah.

of solutions and refuges
- Any refuge other than Allah, is no refuge
- Any solution other than taqwa, is only a mirage, only a mirage...


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