Friday, February 27, 2004

In the name of Allah The Merciful the Compassionate

Alsalam Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllahi Wa BarakatuHu
May peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and His Compassion

{" Those have rejected that say that Allah is Christ the
son of Mary. Christ said, 'Oh children of Israeel,
worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.'... Those have rejected
that say that Allah is a third of three; there is no god
except One God....Christ the son of Mary is but a messenger.
Many were the messengers that came before; and his mother was
a woman of truth. They both had to eat food."}


Story of Hadhrat Umme Salmah (Radhiyallaho Anha).

Ummul Momineen (mother of the believers, i.e. wife of the prophet, may
Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) Hadhrat Umme Salmah
(Radhiyallaho Anha) was first married to Abu Salmah (Radhiyallaho
Anho). The husband and wife were very much attached to each other.

Once Umme Salmah said to her husband, "I have heard that if a husband
does not marry another woman during the life or after the death of his wife,
and also if the wife does not remarry after the death of her husband, the
couple when admitted to paradise is allowed to live there as husband and
wife. Give me your word that you will not marry after my death, and I too
pledge that I will not marry again if you happen to die before me".

Hadhrat Abu Salmah (Radhiyallaho Anho) said, "Will you do as I say?"

She replied, "Of course."

He said, "I want you to take a husband after my death".

He then prayed, saying, "Oh, Allah, let Umme Salmah be married after my
death to a husband better than I. May he give her no trouble whatsoever".

In the beginning, the couple emigrated to Abyssinia. after their return, they
again emigrated to Madinah. Hadhrat Umme Salmah (Radhiyallaho Anha)

When my husband made up his mind to emigrate to Madinah, he
loaded the camel with the luggage. He then made me and our son
Salmah ride the camel. He led the camel out of the town, holding
the string in his hand. The people of my father's clan (Banu
Mughirah) happened to see us leaving. They came and snatched
the string from Hadhrat Abu Salmah's (Radhiyallaho Anho) hand
saying, "You can go wherever you like but we cannot allow our
girl to go and perish with you."

They forcibly took me and my son back to their clan. When the
people of my husband's clan (Banu Abdul Asad) learnt this, they
came to Banu Mughirah and began to argue with them saying,
"You can keep your girl if you like, but you have no claim over
the child who belongs to our clan. Why should we allow him to
stay in your clan, when you have not allowed your girl to go with
her husband."

They forcibly took the boy away. Hadhrat Abu Salmah
(Radhiyallaho Anho) had already gone to Madinah. All the
members of my family were thus separated from each other.

Daily, I would go out in the desert and weep there from morning
till night. I lived in this condition for one full year, separated
from my husband and my son.

One day, one of my cousins taking pity on me said to the people
of the clan, "You have separated this poor woman from her
husband and son. Why don't you have mercy on her and let her

Due to the humanitarian efforts of this cousin of mine, the people
of Banu Mughirah agreed to let me go and join my husband.

Banu Abdul Asad also made over my son to me. I got a camel
ready and, with my son in my lap, I sat on its back and set off for
Madinah all alone. I had hardly gone four miles, when Hadhrat
Usman bin Talhah (Radhiyallaho Anho) met me at Taneem.

He inquired, "Where are you going?"

I said, "To Madinah!"

He remarked, "With none accompanying you?"

I said, "No, I have nobody except Allah to accompany me."

He took the rope of my camel and began to lead. By Allah, have
never come across a person more noble than Hadhrat Osman
(Radhiyallaho Anho). When I had to get down, he would make
the camel sit and himself go behind a bush and when I had to
climb up he would bring the camel and make it sit close to me.
He would then hold the rope and lead the animal. Thus we
reached Quba (a suburb of Madinah).

He informed me that Hadhrat Abu Salmah (Radhiyallaho Anho)
was staying there. He then made us over to my husband and then
returned all the way back to Mecca. By Allah no one else could
bear the hardships that I bore during that single year.

Look at Hadhrat Umme Salmah's (Radhiyallaho Anha) faith and trust in
Allah. She set out on a long and hazardous journey all alone. See how
Allah sent His help to her. No doubt Allah can depute anybody to render
help to those who place trust in Him, for the hearts of all people are in His


safaree ba3eedun, wa zaadii lan yubaalighunii
my journey is long, and my provisions are not enough,

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