Monday, November 03, 2003

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahiim

Khateerah 8 Ramadhan 1424
Surah an Nur [Light...]

Allah begins this surah with some of His awaamir (commands, divine rulings)
- pertaining to zina
- claims and allegations
- proper rules for marriage
- helping those in need
and right after He tells us about the right relationship between men and women, He tells us about "Light upon Light"

Light upon Light
[nur as samaawaati wal ardh]
- It is by His Light that there is any physical light in this world.. all the light that we see, is only by His Light .. the light from the sun, the light from lampu kalimantang... the light from the face of a mukmin..
- He is the Light of light

Parable of His Light in the qalb of a mukmin
- like that niche in which there is light inside
- the mukmin is the lamp made of glass. The glass is so well manufactured (by The Manufacturer of all!) that the glass radiates by itself
- by the fitrah of the qalb of this mukmin, the mukmin in itself is illuminating (first light)
The qalb of a mukmin is soft, gentle, transparent:: not hard, course and jahat
as Rasulullah s.a.w. said "The qalb of the most beloved to Allah is the softest and most transparent"
- then when this mukmin obeys the commands of Allah, ie the light of His wahy comes into that heart, then how much more illuminating that qalb of the mukmin becomes .. "Light upon Light". That qalb resonates with the same frequency as the frequency of His wahy, constructive interference :)
- then that heart will be able to see other lights, and find other lights of sifatulLah and asma of Allah

Contrasted to the dark heart
- initially pun tak dapat pencahayaan agung dari Allah subhanahu wa taala then,
hati gelap
+ zunub
+ the dark clouds of shahwah and hawaa
= darkness upon darkness :( (moga Allah jauhkan kita dari kegelapan ini, ya Rabb!)

Di dalam lautan hingga tidak dapat melihat, walau tangan sendiri :: waves upon waves of darkness + clouds that cover the sight

Surah an Nur intends for us to seek that Nur that Allah gives to the mukmin.. and it begins by obeying His commands. Take that torch and live by it, at least externally first.. semoga meresap ke dalam hati hati kita dan memberi cahaya pada hati gelap ini... amin.


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