Thursday, March 25, 2004

Munchies from Imam Djafer's halaqah
Islamic History Discussion and Informational Session
Wednesday 6 pm
Lally 104

Allah purges the rank of the believers

On the day of Jummah, 6 Shawwal 0003, 1000 Muslims went to Uhud under the leadership of Rasulullah saw. They later camped near Mount Uhud where they could see the camp of the Quraish. At that time, Abdullah ibn Ubayy, the Chief of the Munafiq announces that he and 300 people would not like to join the war after all and will be heading back to Madinah. Abdullah ibn Ubayy claims that he is mad because Rasulullah saw listened to "the opinions of boys" rather than the elders of the community (himself) in deciding to go and fight the war outside of Madinah. Despite the protests of "shame on you" cried out by the true Muslims, these 300 people turned their backs on their prophet.

- you are at war where your enemy is currently 3 times your size and with better material equipment (which you can see from where you are camping in your sleeping bag)
- almost a third of your team mates decide to pack their stuff and leave (300 people! not 3 or 30, but 300)
- the havoc it could create

This is a psychological strategy used by Abdullah ibn Ubayy in trying to weaken the Muslims.. but Allah says that He gave them strength. Rasulullah saw told them not to worry, "This is a test, Allah is purifying the ranks," and maybe if the munafiq were among them, the quantity would only make them weaker.

*Always have trust in Allah, and do not turn back from the call of Allah and His messenger** pesanan membangkitkan bulu roma buat diri sendiri


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