Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A Little Mosque in Tarazona

An unexpected visit to an ancient mosque
In a little Spanish town
Taught me so many lessons
In a single moment.

In a little mosque in Tarazona
I learned that you can bury the dead
But their sincerity and good works live on forever.

In a little mosque in Tarazona
I learned that behind the fa├žade of crucifixes and cathedrals
Buried deep beneath the old stones, dirt, and rubble
Lies a Muslim past of beauty, majesty, and splendor unrivaled by the moderns.

In a little mosque in Tarazona
I learned that an Indian man like me, born into Islam, must humbly submit to its
Andalusian legacy in order to truly know himself.
For just as God has promised, He vanquishes and He raises up.
And the wise are those who submit to the ones He has so raised.
And so has He raised Wyman & Winter, and Mattson & Jackson in Islam, so
that an ignorant man like me could learn his religion.

All these lessons I learned in a single moment
On an unexpected visit
To a little Spanish town
In a little mosque in Tarazona.

Azhar Muhammad Usman
Zaragosa, Spain
09 Jumada al-Awwal 1424 | 09 July 2003

Taken from azhar.com

Tarazona is a place in Spain where they had discovered a masjid in 2003. The masjid was built during the time of Andalusian Spain.


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