Wednesday, October 20, 2004

five before five: your youth before your old age

bismillahirahmanirahim.. taken from part of an email from my dear friend who has moved away to Texas, Shazia Ahmad

Those of you in the MSA: You are at suchhhhhhhhhhh an
awesome time in your lives; the MSA is the vehicle by
which you can do so much good - for the Muslim
community and for educating non-Muslims. I've heard
from so many people who go off into the work force
after college that they miss MSA the most.
Opportunities for educating people about Islam, for
doing things for the ummah are so greatly constricted
after college. Arsalan told me about how once at the
masjid he went to the mic to make the adhan, and this
older bro came up to him and asked him, pleaaaassee
let me make the adhan. You have so much opportunity
at your age, in college, to do good deeds and to gain
'ajr, and I don't have any. I need to get reward in
whatever way I can. Please let me make the adhan.

Take advantage of your time and your youth and your
passion for this deen.. before you become like that
old man, thirsty for any opportunity to gain even just
a small good deed, because you know you missed out
when you were younger.


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