Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Munchies from Imam Djafer's sirah halaqah :: Ikrimah, the son of Abu Jahl

What happened to Ikrimah, the son of Abu Jahl?

His wife came to Rasulullah saw and asked, “If I bring ikrimah, will you give him asylum and promise to please not kill him?” Rasullah saw agreed so she went alone with one servant searching for her husband, trying to trace the steps of her husband.

She went all the way south to Yemen, kat Yemen baru jumpa husband dia. The servant on the way tried to betray the trust by trying to take advantage of her. But she was very wise and calmed him down, give him hopes etc.. until she reached a tribe she told them about the servant and they helped her by imprisoning the servant.

She then resumed her travel, all alone in the dessert. When she reached Yemen, she found that her husband was departing in a ship. She caught him before he left. The captain was a Muslim and he asked Ikrimah, "why don’t you become a muslim?" Ikrimah was like, "What? I was running away from Islam in Makkah and you’re telling me to become Muslim as well??"

It was at this time that she saw her husband, she said, "Ikrimah, let’s go back"

"Where? To Muhammad? He will kill me!"

"No, I already made a pact with him. He will not kill you."

Along the way, he wanted to be intimate with her, but she said, no because I am muslim now. You have no right to even touch me. He understood then, that the deen is not something simple, and that it changes people overnight.

So they continued until they reached R. saw, also he stopped to kill his slave yang awal tadi. Ikrimah wasn’t muslim yet masa tu so he had killed the slave out of revenge.

After some time, Ikrimah himself became a Muslim and he said to Rasulullah saw “You were the most hated person to me, but now you are the most beloved person to me” – Ikrimah.. subhanAllah.. walhal sebelum tu he was one of the people adamantly fighting the Beloved of Allah saw. Ikrimah ra must have realized himself that the deen is not something simple, and that it changes people overnight...

Later, during the time of Umar, ada perang. Ikrimah was injured very badly. He heard person next to him in pain and told person yang bawak air to him tu kasi pada orang sebelah. Dan orang sebelah suruh kasi orang sebelah, dan tgk dah passed away, second, pun dah meninggal, and then ikrimah pun dah meninggal. Selfless pengorbanan.

So Ikrimah became one of the best sahabah as well. SubhanAllah.

May Allah help us to "change overnight" like the sahabah, through His deen. Amin.


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