Thursday, April 15, 2004

Munchies from Imam Djafer's sirah halaqah

Rasulullah saw was tested in his own family life. Major events happened to him personally so we can learn from them. For instance, through Aisha the mother of the believer, she had to go through all these things [imam Djafer had talked about the slander story too] so we can learn from them. Better learn from that, after all that she had to go through!

Also during another time, when Allah suruh Rasullah saw kawin dengan Zainab ex wife of Zaid. Allah gave her in marriage to Rasulullah saw.. bukannya her parents pun. Allah yang suruh. She used to be very proud of that to Rasulullah saw's other wives. SubhanAllah. And it wasn’t out of arrogance. She was a very humble and special person. R. saw before his death said, "Among you, the one who would come right after my death is the one who has the longest hand.” And they were all there, except Khadijah. When he said that, they started measuring their hands against each other. Saudah who was the tallest among them and married second after Khadijah had the longest hand physically. So they were saying, oh untunglah awak… etc.. but later on they all realized that what R. saw meant was that the longest hand was the one who gave the most in charity because Zainab was the first of Rasulullah saw's wives (after Khadijah) to pass away. Bayangkan dengar cerita2 tentang generosity of Aisha, and to know that Zainab gave even more! SubhanAllah.

-- Maaf sebab dah lama tak postkan Munchies/Bite-ables.. rasa macam tak sempat nak taip kan je :( astaghfirullah. Alhamdulillah today terus masukkan notes dalam laptop waktu halaqa :). Hopefully the word/sentence structure makes sense. They're taken from my own notes, so they're mostly for my own kesedaran inshaAllah.


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