Friday, October 28, 2005

a'uzhubillahi mina shaitani rajim
bismillahi rahmani rahim

alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin
wassolatu wassalamu 'ala rasulillah

[dah lama diri menyepi]


utk akhiratmu
utk dilepaskan dari api pembakar kulit, kilang nanah mendidih dan jeritan

Bangunlah solat malam

Bulan ini
Waktu ini
Malam ini
Bukan masa dadah tidur
Tapi waktu sedari hakikat
masa sujud berpanjangan
masa air mata taubat
masa madu iman
Masa kembali dan berubah
Hanya untuk ar Rahman


At 5:32 PM , Blogger norsallsabil said...

mashaAllah, nice poetry... :-) Ramadhan is almost at the end..
yet, the emaan is still like the beginning...

reflection... fikir2 balik.. 5 mlm je (odd nights) kita kene 'stay up' to seek for the night, 5/365... yet, kita terlalu sibuk dgn bende lain... tp hakikatnyer kita masih jauh dr Ar-Rahman...
Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul
`afwa fa`fu `annee

At 4:25 AM , Blogger Umm Ibraaheem said...

bismillaah ..

subhaan Allaah, sadaqti yaa sallsabil :)

it is our very 'programmed nature' that we have 'time' for every single thing, except Allaah, wal iyadzubillaah ..may Allaah protect us from being among those who spend but little time for His sake,aameen.

though ramadhaan is about to end, we should never lose hope in Allaah ( laa taqnatu min ra7matillaah) ..regardless of our accomplishment throughout ramadhaan, there's always room for us to improve ourselves even after ramadhaan, despite the fact that we've wasted the most invaluable days of our lives ..

subhaan Allaah, the sahaabah used to prepare themselves throughout the entire year for Ramadhaan ..and they're the ones whom benefited the most out of this month ..who wept when ramadhaan ends ..who kept on improving themselves day by day, after ramadhaan, hoping for a better meeting in the coming year ..

may Allaah grant us the same endevour as the companions,aameen.

on the other hand, how many people have let their ramadhaan passed by them without any improvements nor any accomplishments? in the last 10 days, instead of keeping themselves busy in worshipping Allaah, they're busy with the extravaganz 'eid preparations which in return leave them no energy to stand up in worship at nights :(. And yet, their hearts perceive not of what they've been missing from the entire month ..

may Allaah give us strength to keep up with our ramadhaan deeds, and strength to keep improving ourselves throughout the year. may Allaah grant us strength to better prepare ourselves for the next ramadhaan, if we're still alive, aameen.

Rabbanaa dzolamnaa anfusanaa wa in lam taghfirlanaa wa tar7amnaa la nakoon anna min al-khosireen ..

At 9:38 AM , Blogger mutadayyin said...

hehe.. tak tahu nak kate ape.. jauhnye kami berbanding antunna :)


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