Sunday, April 17, 2005

Al Jawab Al Kaafi Kelas Hari Selasa Masjid Hidayah


Impact of sin in a collective level.

Hassan Al Basri once had said “ Verily Al Fitnah (discord in society) is sort of punishment from Allah…

Baghdad was once known as a main hub of Islamic civilization. During those time the knowledge of Islam and science flourished in a tremendous and elegant way that no civilization prior to it had ever achieved. Furthermore, for us as Muslim, we more or less are supposed to have a deep attachment to Baghdad as it is the grave of many well-known scholar and ulamak in Islamic sciences, where most of the knowledge that we adhere this day is solely come from their effort and sacrifice.

But still in spite of all the glory and fame, today Baghdad is facing the most dreadful moment in Islamic history. Today this so-called blessed place is virtually nothing but ruins and scattered debris. The army of kufar is now marching on the very grave of auliyak and ulama, dragging Islam to the lowest level that is beyond our imagination. Strife prevails and peace is just a dream.

Sedih bile mengenangkan tanah suci itu sekarang menjadi medan perang.

When people disobey and done injustice against Allah, Allah will unleash someone that doesn’t know Him and no mercy at you-prophet Daniel

If any one of you( Muslim) done an injustice to the the zimmi ( non believer) I will be the prosecutor against you in the hereafter-marhum hadith

From this saying, when zunub is done in a collective level, Allah will select among them a leader that will inflict injustice as a punishment to them. The reason why Allah choose cruel leader are twofold

1) Only injustice ruler can execute cruelty to the people. A just ruler is not meant to be the cause to inflict injustice to his people

2) The act of injustice by the leader is itself is a cause for him to receive greater punishment in the hereafter.

To be continued


At 11:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bagaimana arah jalan ke jannah?

At 3:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiduplah dalam ketaatan Allah tanda bersungguh-sungguh untuk kamu mahu menemuiNya.

Jangan berputus harap dari rahmat Allah kerana kasih sayang Allah tidak bertepi

Ilmu itu adalah roda depan kenderaanmu dalam menentukan arah betul dan amalanmu itu adalah roda belakang yang memacu kamu terus semangat ke hadapan

Jika tersadung di tengah jalan, hulurkan tanganmu menongkah kelangit dalam doa agar dapat disambut dengan rahmat Allah


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