Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bus station

Performing your solah on time is like boarding the bus on time.If you late you will 'arrive' late at your destination..your final destination

I look at my watch.The time is just after six in evening. It has been raining for almost three hours. The car is wet,the pavement is wet the bus is wet..everything is wet.I have to run quickly so that I will be able to catch up my bus on time. In fact if I late I might not be able to make it. Judging from the time, I pretty sure that the bus station is already crowded by now. Oh Allah please I miss my home a lots. I cannot stand to wait for another bus to come..

Performing solah in the first saf is like securing your seat in the bus

alhamdullilah..I finally arrive at the bus station. Actually there are not so many people there. I quickly go to spot where the bus will most probably stop there. I just want to make sure I will be the first one to go inside the bus. Some people follow me. We make a line

Seek the shelter of Allah during the day of Judgement where there is no shelter beside Him. The shelter is your amal..
Remember the seven group who get the shelter of Allah

Speard out over the bus station are the large number of people who also waiting for their bus. I can see weary face sitting on the benches available in the station. I really feel sorry for those who have no space to squeeze in. Some use umbrella..some wear raincoat and unfortunately some just have to use newspaper. I really feel lucky to have a spot in the bus station.I think everyone is preoccupied with going home, away from this wetness and crowd. I start to see a group of my friends and some familiar faces. However we don't talk to much. Some of us try to crack jokes and exhange opinion of the weather. Nobody really laugh though..

A day when a father wants to exchange his son,his wife and wealth..

A day when you are on your own

The day where the waiting itself is a punishment..

Suddenly from far away I can see the accursed yellow bus that we have been waiting for arrives. It stops just a few feet from where I stand. All the people around me alert. They start to push the crowd. I can see one mother with a small child tries to find her way to the bus. Unfortunately she cannot make it. By now the bus station is overcrowded by jostling people all trying to go inside the bus.

"Dik tulung la kakak dik...akak kene sampai rumah awal ni tulung la dik.." the mother cries for help but to no avail. I really feel sad for the mother but I know everyone seems to care less to anyone. Everyone just wants to go home.

Alhamdullilah I am one of the first person to go inside the bus. I quickly go to the seat available. I sit down and at the back and breath a sigh of relief. In short the bus is full up. The conductor patiently has to prevent more people to come from broarding the bus.

" Dah dah cukup..wei budak budak korang jangan lari karang jatuh..okie Ah Seng Jalan" shouted the conducter and the bus move off slowly.

Praying in congregation is like going to one point to one point by bus.If you pray alone you have to walk to your destination..

In the day of Judgement we cannot walk alone. We need someone to guide us in the darkness of the day. Someone who know it well and has the light to see thru it. Muhammad saw..is our guidance

As the bus move slowly I can see the waiting passengers in the bus station and wonder when they will get home. It almost 'dark' now and the rain seems to get even heavier than before. Well at least I am going home. But still the traffic is too heavy far ahead so we inch along. I look at the dark cloud and put my hand out of the window to catch some raindrops. It is cold. I start to miss the warm bathing for me at home. I miss my home...

every journey requires provision..so be piety be your provision in the journey to the hereafter

p/s utk diri sendiri


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