Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Munchies : kali ni nasihah dari Ammu Djafer for us all...
9 Rabiul Awwal 1424

The challenge is great, not only of becoming a great muslim. But contributing as best as we can. Without knowledge we cannot contribute or do much.

Allah put you for a reason in this place and this time. If you do not do your best, then you will be responsible. Living in a time when we are told how many “Islams” are there. Ayah and hadith are being interpreted for us. We are being taught of our deen all over again. How long more are we going to be in this condition? Maybe for decades more.

We need to do something. And take things seriously. If we do not do something, siapa yang akan buat anything?

Fear Allah in the way that Muslim intellectuals are behaving.

Whatever topic we choose, make sure we are serious in doing it.

I don’t care how many people come, but I already know the faces that come, but be ready, prepare. Have constructive debates and discussions. We need to develop our mind.

Prepare and study, challenge each other.

Not only learning info but how to think, respond and taking care of issues that happen.


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