Sunday, December 05, 2004

in the background of explosions

a'uzbillahi mina shaitani rajim
bismillahi rahmani rahim

isn't it weird how humans enjoy fireworks, when if we took away the images and left only the sounds, it sounds exactly like bombs exploding.

sitting in the computer lab and hearing explosions in the background, and not sure where they are coming from, it seems sometimes we are slow to fear. when at any given time, *any given time*, it could be Allah's wrath upon us because of our iniquities. one of the past people that were destroyed, when they saw the clouds that were destined to bring the azab upon them, rejoiced. they thought the clouds were going to bring them rain but the clouds actually destroyed them all. it is so easy to forget how much mistakes we have committed and think everything that happens is a 'reward'. Allahu'alam.

o Allah please have mercy on us. we are truly weak and prone to mistakes, please help us purify and rectify our selves.


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