Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bismillah walhamdulillah wassolatu wassalam 'ala rasulillah

(from al Maghrib seminar introduction: Breach of Covenant, Tafsir surah alBaqarah)

Tips that will benefit:

- Propaganda: “education minister” changes. Clogging system. Detoxification of notions we may have held.
- “You are here” – the map means nothing if you don’t know where you are! In order to give da’wah and go to Allah, I have to know where I am. (map= Quran, beginning of alBaqarah="you are here" code, need to read)
- Abu Bakr sent 11 armies and he said, I will go alone if no one wants to go and fight!
- Umar going out in the night to help the poor. Preconceived ideas about Allah: what ideas do you think about your Lord that are not necessarily true. Allah juga akan membiarkan orang yang nak jauhiNya terus lebih jauh.
- Surah al Baqarah: 50 pages – talks intensely about Jews, and al Imran talks intensely about Christians
- Living in ‘dajjal times’. Seeing things that other people can’t see? Tested in our faith. Make intention to turn to Allah and Allah will open the doors of understanding to you.
- Tiada difference in what the Jews and Christians are saying today and what they said before. Learning from Quran what Allah told R. saw to reply to Jews and Christians will still help today. No one can tell it better than Allah.
- All big actions start with the first step. Sky-diving. Satu step, terjun and you free fall. First step to Allah, and then Allah will give you free fall and help you go where you want to go. Oceans of knowledges… keep going deeper and deeper.
- Two types of sciences: wasilah (like a path, tools to something else. Spt usul al fiqh) and ghaaya’ (arrived there) || fruit science vs tool science. Fruit je, dah penuh perut takleh amek apa2 lagi. Tafsir could be a fruit science, spt sirah jugak. Don’t allow yourself to rasa gemuk.. sebab ada banyak lagi yang perlu dilearn. Perlu extract the information.
- Technical seminar

Two scales:
Learning = X*Y
- X = How much are you willing to listen?
- Y = How much are you willing to change?
If willingness to change = 0, there is no learning.


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