Saturday, June 12, 2004

a'uzubillahi mina shaitaani rajiim
bismillahi rahmani rahiim
alhamdulillahi rabbil 'aalamin
wassolatu wassalamu 'ala rasulillah

What is the covenant that the Bani Israel wrote with Allah?

What does it entail?

1. to worship Allah
2. treat parents kindly
3. treat near of kins kindly: cousins, uncles, aunties…
4. treat orphans kindly
5. taking care of the needy
6. to be good in speech: fal yaqul khairan au yasmut kalau betul2 believe, only one choice of speech, good speech.
7. establish solah
8. give zakaah

(from ayah 83 al Baqarah)

Bila worship Allah, bukan itu sahaja dan that’s the end, but it is the whole lifestyle.

Our common definition is that worship Allah dan pray je.. tapi 6/8 daripada tu, is to do with community. Kalau tak fulfill kesemua tu, then we are breaking the mithaaq with Allah. Nerakalah tempat mrk. “Ma salaka fii saqar? We never did our solah, and we never used to feed the needy people”. We never cared – the not being kind to people, is a translation of kufr and unthankfulness to Allah. na'uzubillahi min zhalik :(

That is what iman is, this is the covenant.

+ 2 more in ayah 84

9. shed no blood among you
10. nor turn out your own people from your homes

- from al Baqarah tafsir class with al Maghrib Institute.


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