Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bismillah walhamdulillah wassolatu wassalam 'ala rasulillah

Suhaib Ibn Sinân -known as Suhaib Ar-Rûmî (Suhaib the Greek)

Suhaib ar Rumi was sold into slavery when his family was attacked. Went from different areas till found himself in makkah. Dan bekerja dan dapat jadi kaya di sana. Pastu he became Muslim dan ucap shahadah with R. saw. When hijrah time, lepas R. saw dah hijrah, Suhaib pun hijrah jugak, pastu dalam perjalanan Quraish kejar dia.

“you know I am the finest archer. I have twenty arrows in my quiver and I can kill 20 of you”- Suhaib
“you came to us poor, etc.. and we let you become rich…”
“if I gave you all my money, will you let me go to Allah and His Rasul?”
“my money is in this and this location… ”
“ok” because they trusted him. He had good character and was a trustworthy person, radhi Allahu anh

he owned nothing except his love for Allah and His messenger, and that is more than enough for him, and for us, if we own it. “Rabi7al bai3ul suhaib.” – r. saw said of Suhaib, because he did the transaction. Till today, remembered.

The human being makes the decision. May Allah give us the taufiq to make the right decision in life. Amin.

- from al Maghrib seminar notes, tafseer of surah al baqarah


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