Wednesday, June 02, 2004

bismillah walhamdulillah wassolatu wassalam 'ala rasulillah

Another technique in Quran is fear and hope. Because there is a way out, and this doesn’t have to be the end (lepas fire tu). Turn back to Allah sincerely. “give glad tidings to those who believe…” (ayat 25)

Cuba imagine betul2 camne keadaan kalau dapat masuk syurga, camne keadaan kat sana. Cuba waktu sorang2, stand up dan cuba imagine camne hari yang kalau dapat masuk jannah.. all the senses throughout. Siapa lagi ada kat sana, and how would you celebrate? How will it all be?

Kenapa all the sweet talk dekat non-muslims je? “backwards day” give hope to the believers. (raja’ & khauf dalam optimum balance) what will make us work in beginning is actually the pain. Then the hope pushes towards the action. The herald, the bringer of glad tidings.

Battle of uhud, in the battle, tables have been turned. Statement goes out, Muhd has been killed. Companions pening. Ada sorang tu just stop dan duduk je. Someone asked, kenapa stop gaduh?
Haven’t you heard? Muhd Rasulullah has died.

What are you stopping? Die for what he died for!

Orang tu terus jerit dan masuk ke dalam perang tu, “Inni la ajidal jannah…” between me and paradise, I can smell the scent of paradise of Uhud!

There was nothing that stood between him, he could smell jannah waktu tu, di dunia.. dan waktu dia dah shahid, no one could recognize anything of his body ada 80 cuts.

He went like a machine through the army and nothing could stop him. Cause the only thing in his mind was jannah. No cut, or metal in dunya would stop him.. cause he was looking for Allah.

Were they other humans? No, they were the same, but they internalized jannah

Being truthful with themselves dan ingat pasal neraka juga.

Kalau takde aim for something, you’ll never get there. if we only aim for passing point, we will surely fail in the test. Kalau tak serius buat betul2, ask yourself is jannah really my goal?

glad tidings of jannah bukan di sana saja, tapi banyak kegembiraan di dunia. Kalau ada orang yang baik di dunia, tell them the glad tidings.

fr. al Maghrib seminar notes.


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