Friday, June 25, 2004


Dedicated to everyone.. We are all travellers.. Travelling to our 'final' destination.. Care to know the roadmap to paradise?

1.Take Adam and Eve avenue until you come to the intersection of Habil (Abel) road, and Qabil (Cain) street; merge right o-n Habil (Abel) and continue for the next twenty miles till you come to Noah's Ferry.

2.Take the ferry to Safety Land, ignore the majority of other travel agencies' directions, and arrive at Abraham's Super Highway also known as High way o-ne God o-nly (1).

3.Follow Abraham but avoid the exit of Sodom and Gomorrah townships until you get to Moses lane but pass Gold and Greed bridges and take it to Jesus' Mercy road. Here you will encounter a lot of confusion, streets are not
well marked, and many peddlers along the road are giving away maps with conflicting directions to travelers. The Romans have renamed Pagans' path as Jesus' mercy road.

4.If you are not sure about the authenticity of Jesus' mercy road, review your map. See if Jesus' mercy path is a continuation of Abraham's Super Highway. If it is a continuation you are fine, but still proceed with caution. If you have diverged, make a U-turn and go back to Abraham's high way (1) and re-try again.

5.Continue o-n True Jesus' road, if you do not see the following signs along the path, you should stop and review your map again. Maps for this path have been tampered with, we recommend the Barnabas edition street map to get to the Unity of God congregation, Immaculate conception corner, and Love thy neighbor community center.

6.Avoid to show the Roman Traffic police your Barnabas street map, it is banned, they will confiscate it and you will be forced to use the o-nly authorized official map - the Paul street map which was drawn to direct the
motorists to Rome. For that reason there is a lot of lost traffic o-n this road. o-n the other hand True Jesus road is found o-n the Barnabas street map, but o-nly few people have access to this map.

7.Keep o-n Jesus' Mercy road until you find Muhammad's sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam Sunnah (Guidance) Expressway. Stay o-n this expressway and do not be lured to rest areas along the expressway. Beware of the highway robbers,
by insuring your vehicle with Dhikr (Remembrance of God) security systems. All vehicles secured with Dhikr Security Systems will be protected from assaults by robbers (Satan).

8.Make sure that you have enough fuel. The highest grade fuel for this long and tiring trip is the Taqwa (God-fearing) grade fuel. Make sure you demand this brand when you stop for refueling. Lighten the load o-n your vehicle, carry o-nly the most important items for this trip: two meters of white cloth, good deeds and prayers of your kids is all you need. Excess weight is allowed o-nly if it is more of the above. Other items will o-nly slow
you down or cause you to loose sight of where you are heading, and you risk losing the coverage of Dhikr Security systems, thereby becoming an easy target for the Robbers.

9.You need to check your vehicles safety features periodically by reading your vehicles manual - the Holy Quran. Your steering wheel must be calibrated by the Sunnah Calibration method, batteries must be charged with
Iman, the engine needs to be tuned up with Ikhlas and your tires must be properly inflated with Ihsan. Most important of all, you must test the entire vehicle with the tawheed (Unity of God) check list.

10.It does not matter if most parts of your vehicle are performing right, if a single part in your vehicle does not perform according to specifications of Tawheed (its conditions) your vehicle will break down and again the robbers will rob you of what is left. The overall performance of your vehicle depends o-n the performance of the weakest part in your vehicle, so routinely check these weak points, they may be detrimental to your trip.

11.There are many milestones o-n Muhammad's road, and these milestones will assure you that you are o-n the right track. Do not worry that there are not many people o-n this road; just because you are alone o-n this road do
not think that you are driving the wrong way o-n a o-ne way street. Loving Allah more than anything else, loving the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam and his companions, who supported him when he was oppressed, following all his teachings, responding with patience and acceptance to lack of worldly goods, hunger, loss of
family members are but some of the milestones and glad tidings that you are o-n the right track.

12.Also this road will be paved with pain, hard work, struggle with yourself and others and Iblis , the Robber, and all things that are not appealing to the soul. Never lay down your guard, this trip is not over until it is
over. Keep dhikr your guard, good deeds your luggage and do not lose focus o-n where you are going, so you may endure the pain of this trip. When you finally arrive to your destination, Al-Jannah (Paradise), you will forget
all the pain.

Note: Author Unkown
I seek refuge with the Almighty Lord.. is my heart really travelling to the final destination or has it built for itself a home in the ephemeral land?


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